Optimizing The Funding Process for Web3 Firms in the Crypto and Tech Industry.

We are here to help you increase your chances of success by providing comprehensive due diligence analysis, connecting you with potential investors and guiding you through the stages of funding.

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Are you a Web3 firm seeking funding to bring your innovative idea to life? Our platform offers you the opportunity to showcase your project and attract potential investors who are actively looking for disruptive opportunities. By passing our comprehensive due diligence process, you can position your project for success and maximize your chances of securing the funding you need.

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Are you an investor looking to identify the most promising projects in the crypto and tech space? Join our network of investors and gain access to a carefully curated selection of projects that have passed our stringent due diligence criteria. Optimize your investment strategy and discover the next wave of groundbreaking innovations.


No matter where you are in your project’s lifecycle, we have the resources and connections to support your funding goals.

Our Top Due Deligence Criteria

To ensure the quality and viability of the projects we recommend to our network of investors, we have established a comprehensive due diligence process. 
Our criteria include:


Evaluating the token structure and distribution to ensure fairness and sustainability

Team Transparency

Assessing the expertise and integrity of the project team

Project Transparency

Analyzing the project's goals, roadmap, and governance model.

Project Idea and Viability

Assessing the uniqueness, potential, and feasibility of the project.

Problems Addressed/Utility

Assessing the expertise and integrity of the project team

Problems Addressed/Utility

Evaluating how the project addresses real-world problems or offers utility within the crypto and tech ecosystem.

Social Media Activity and Presence

Reviewing the project's engagement and reputation on social media platforms.

Community Backing

Assessing the level of community support and engagement surrounding the project.

Trading Volume and Activity if Listed

Evaluating the liquidity and trading activity of the project's token if already listed.

Timeline and Plans (Roadmap)

Assessing the project's roadmap and milestones to ensure a clear and achievable plan.

Project's Activities and Activeness

Evaluating the project's progress, updates, and active development.

Developer Activity on GitHub

Analyzing the project's codebase and the level of developer engagement on GitHub.

Simplicity and Conciseness of Whitepaper

Evaluating the clarity and comprehensiveness of the project's whitepaper.

UI/UX/Content Accessibility and Ease of Consumption

Assessing the user interface, user experience, and accessibility of project-related content.

Smart Contract Audit by Certik

Verifying the security and integrity of the project's smart contracts through a thorough audit by Certik or a reputable firm.

By adhering to these due diligence criteria, we ensure that only the most promising and trustworthy projects are presented to our investor network. Join us today and unlock a world of funding opportunities for your Web3 project. Together, we can drive the Future of crypto and tech innovation.

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